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Photo by Allison Hedge Coke

There’s a pretty place in New England called Soul Mountain Retreat. It sits in a beautiful little town in Connecticut and writers visit there to find a quiet spot. They have a kitchen to cook their meals and a nice room with clean, cute sheets and a desk. They walk the picturesque grounds to find peace, and most importantly, they have time to write. And they can do all this for free.

Yes, I said, FREE. That’s deep, right?

A friend of mine, Marilyn Nelson, started the retreat because she’s a writer herself—she’s even been nominated for the National Book Award for poetry—and she knows how important it is to have time away from the pressures of home to gather your words.  Once a year, she sponsors an African American poet, so you know this place must be really special. Marilyn lives at Soul Mountain, and she runs it by herself. This is a labor of love, y’all.

This is also the end of the year, and Marilyn needs y’all to do her a solid. She needs a donation to keep Soul Mountain going.

Ok, don’t leave me yet to go to another blog!!!!  You do not need to go to that cooking site to find one more recipe for spiced gingerbread men. You’ve already gained enough holiday pounds.

Oh, wait, that’s me. My bad.

Anyway, I know it’s Christmas time, and you have to get a present for your mama and all them bad [insert expletive adjective] kids of your sisters and brothers. I know everybody is broke right now because of the economy, and I know everybody is begging you for something. But if you are a writer, or even if you just like to read—and I know you like to read, otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting this blog—think about the important work that Marilyn is doing.

I don’t want to encourage you to be cheap, but if you can only give $5, that’s better than nothing. I gave them a little more than that, and I might be having to eat peanut butter sandwiches until I get paid next week. But I need to lose the weight anyway. I’ve already told you about the gingerbread men; don’t ask me for anymore information, please.

So I’m passing the hat around. Giving a little change will feel good to your spirit, and guess what? It’s a tax-deductible donation. Doesn’t that make it a little better?

Here’s the link for you to click on. Come on now, you know you really want to give.

When you do give your ducats, don’t forget to leave me a comment, so you can let everybody know who’s the Big- Baller-Shot-Caller up in this camp: that’s right, that would be you, baby.

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