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Hey Y’all:

Don’t forget to join me tomorrow at 7:30pm Eastern–which, by the way, is 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, and 6:30pm Central–for MY VERY FIRST PODCAST EVER with Heidi Durrow, the author of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, out right now from Algonquin Books. You need to cop that book right now. Here’s another cute pic of the front cover:

Isn’t that a great cover? And guess what? This podcast is Heidi’s VERY FIRST INTERVIEW FOR HER NEW BOOK! Here’s an intro to The Girl Who Fell From The Sky:

“This coming-of-age story was chosen by Barbara Kingsolver for the 2008 Bellwether Prize for Fiction. Part love story, part mystery, this haunting tale is the story of Rachel, the daughter of a black G.I. and a Danish immigrant. The lone family survivor of a terrible tragedy, Rachel goes to live with her distant African-American grandmother.  As she struggles to overcome her sorrow, she must also make sense of a new racial identity in her new home where she is considered “light-skinned-ed.” As the story builds to its startling revelation, you’re drawn in by the masterfully woven tapestry of characters and always taken by the singular voice of Rachel as she struggles against society’s ideas of race, class and beauty.”

And here’s what the publishing powers-that-be are saying about Miss Heidi’s book:

“Top Ten Promising Debut” and “Taut prose, a controversial conclusion and the thoughtful reflection on racism and racial identity resonate without treading into political or even overtly specific agenda waters, as the story succeeds as both a modern coming-of-age and relevant social commentary. “—Publishers Weekly

“Like a good mystery, this book builds to the startling revelation. [O]ne can’t help but be drawn in by these characters and by the novel’s exploration of race and identity.”—Library Journal

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky is that rare thing: a post-postmodern novel with heart that weaves a circle of stories about race and self-discovery into a tense and sometimes terrifying whole.”—Ms. Magazine

“Top 10 Book of 2010” and “a book you will hold to your heart!”–Boston Herald

Doesn’t this all sound completely sassy? Don’t you want to know more about this fabulous book? Well, then, click on this link at 7:30pm EASTERN for the live podcast on TalkShoe–or scroll down on the right side of this page, and find the very cute BLUE TalkShoe badge and click there.

Y’all know you want to hear all about the book, and about Heidi’s writing journey, and hear my sweet, southern voice ask her questions–so “see” you tomorrow!

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