No Mitchell L. H. Douglas Podcast Today!

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Y’all, I’m so sorry, but there will be no podcast today with Mitchell L. H. Douglas. Some nasty computer virus has got his poor computer all sick and so he can’t connect with the podcast sight, this evening.


Mitchell will be our only man podcasting in March, Women’s History Month, after he heals his computer. And that will be after the NAACP Image Awards, so he may have good news about the award. But even if he doesn’t, COOLING BOARD (his book of poetry) is still so good you think he channeled Donny Hathaway.

But I’M still here! And there will be another “You Gotta Read This” podcast next Tuesday, February 16! You know I can’t leave y’all hanging like that for two whole weeks, cause some of y’all have gotten addicted already to the crack known as “Good Books About Black People.”

And what an addiction to have, right? That’s one of the only addictions I know that’s not gone kill you. The other one is saving your money for when the Revolution and/or Revelation comes. If it’s the Revelation, you can just hand Saint Peter a big old check, and that will cancel out all the times you had premarital sex, hopefully.

And I’ll be getting back witcha this week, so take a breather and then come back and see me tomorrow.

Love y’all strong,


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