Good Luck Tonight, Baby Bruh Dwayne!

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A little while ago, I had a blog post called “I Heart Uppity (Part One)” and if you followed the comments thread, you noticed I had a rather emotional (at least to me) exchange with a brother I called “Dwayne.” He was disturbed about my saying that I would never date a man who’d been to jail.

That brother is a wildly talented young man named Reginald Dwayne Betts, the author of A Question of Freedom, which has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work-Debut Author. I am positive it will win tonight. I just got a mojo feeling.  I could be wrong, but I hope I’m not.

I will take a chance here and say something directly to Dwayne. And this is not because he is all pre-famous now and I need a loan or nothing.  This is because this has been on my heart for a minute, even since Dwayne wrote me in the comments.

Baby Bruh Dwayne, I want to be a sister like Socrates Fortlow talks about in Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. I want to kick you in your behind when I see your doing wrong, and kiss you on the head when your doing right.

Dwayne, I see your doing right. I see you, Black Man.

I see how hard you are working as a husband, father, and community/cultural activist. I see your trying to be a brother with a big “B,” and I want you to know that what you are doing is important work. Essential work. And even though you and I are going to disagree on some aspects of my being uppity (smile) I want you to know that your big sister loves you and she is so proud of you.

Good luck tonight! And, I know you gone have on a seriously cute outfit, so take some pictures!


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  1. Hey HJ,
    Okay, so its good to complicate the point about giving a “pass” to some black men who have been incarcerated. I know men who are incarcerated who are turning their lives around. I do believe that they deserve a second chance. I get that–but still think that it is your choice to maintain some standards in relation to your dating pool–heck I know women who won’t date short guys, won’t date guys who refuse to read, won’t date guys who are addicted to video games, won’t date guys who are cheap (stingy with money) or mean (stingy with emotions), etc– and you should not be ‘shamed into changing that decision.

    Thanks for a provocative post!
    Imjust Sayin’

  2. Thanks Honoree,

    That mojo is something serious. I can’t all the way believe I won. This Thursday marks five years home. Anyway, thanks for the shout. You see the dog on that shirt? The glint of the wedding ring? Now all I need to do is cry in a poem and I’m pretty as James Brown. (By the way I taught that poem, to a good reception, last week to my students.)

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