Rest in Peace, Lena Horne

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Another sister has passed over, but let’s try not to feel sad today, even though we have lost an icon on this Mother’s Day. Let’s celebrate Ms Horne’s ninety-two years of beauty, elegance, and talent on this earth, and how she made it possible for other Black women to let their creative talents shine.

Here is a great obituary in The New York Times, which really does Ms. Horne’s memory justice.

And, here is Ms. Horne singing her signature song, and looking fierce and fabulous while doing it.

Rest in peace, Miss Lady.

One thought on “Rest in Peace, Lena Horne

  1. i found out recently that gorgeous lena horne is my cousin. i’ve loved her ever since the first time i saw her, when i was a little girl. so sad today hearing of her death. funny coincidence: the n.y.t. article says that humphrey bogart protected ms. horne in their neighborhood in hollywood. he was also my cousin. so through a very protacted line of relation, they were distant cousins, too.

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