If You’re a Soul Sister, Click on This

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Desiree Rogers

Hey y’all, I’m headed out from Vermont on Friday, driving. Four days; yes, it’s a trial being a Colored Female Road Warrior, but hey, somebody’s got to do it, right? Sigh.

It’s been a fabulous time up here, kicking with the righteous mountain folks. Let me tell you, these Vermonters do not play when it comes to the recycling. Every little scrap of paper and plastic gets recycled. We could learn a lot from the Vermonters about how to treat the planet. No wonder it’s so pretty up here—the whole state looks like a bed and breakfast.

While I am on my road trip, here’re a few Black Woman links to keep you “sassified,” as the old folks used to say. (Ahem: “Sassified” would be the Black vernacular version of “satisfied.” Y’all know I have to keep you in touch with your folkloric origins!)

Speaking of folklore, Zora Neale Hurston, the author of my favorite book in the world, documented Black life in the south in the 1920s. Here is some of that rare footage.

Check the little cutie breaking into a fabulous James Brown-esque split around minute four. (Get it, Boo!) Ok, and now that I have mentioned Zora Neale Hurston—any excuse, ok?—I gotta tell you that I have also been trying to find a DVD and/or VHS recording (I have a machine that plays both) of Booker T. Mattison’s short film adaptation of Hurston’s short story, “The Gilded Six Bits,” starring Chad Coleman (of “The Wire” fame) and T’Keyah Crystal Keymah (of “In Living Color” fame).

If anyone knows where I can buy and/or order the film of “The Gilded Six Bits”, PLEASE let me know! I will be so happy and will praise your name—in print. (If you give me permission.)

This is an important issue: the adoption of children in Haiti.

Though this story about Haiti is not technically about Black women, it is about Black children, and we Sisters—even the child-free ones like me—take child welfare very, very seriously. I’m not saying other women don’t. But I am saying, something hurts to see Black children displaced from a Black community, even by well-intentioned people.

Here is a great article about Black women in Hollywood, and why it’s so hard for a Sister to make it behind the camera.

You need to read this article by Felicia Pride, because she breaks it down, y’all. And she also tells us how we Black women can help the situation of Sisters trying to make movies in Hollywood.

The South Africa Branch of L’Oreal Cosmetics is having diversity problems.

Ok, I gotta admit, I didn’t even know there WAS a branch of L’Oreal on the whole African continent, because L’Oreal certainly don’t seem to like brown-skinned sisters in the least. And we know that Africa has an abundance of fine, chocolate Sisters. It’s an interesting story, though.

Black girls are starting puberty earlier.

My grandmother Florence started puberty at sixteen. She was born in 1909, and that was around the average then. People also tended to marry early then, too, and suddenly it occurred to me that it was probably a lot easier for people not to have sex before marriage when they entered puberty at sixteen and married at eighteen. Grandma Florence married at twenty-five, though, which was really, really old back then. I guess it’s Grandma’s fault I’m a Sexy Spinster, and not mine. (That last comment is directed toward my Aunt Edna.)

Did you know that black women are more likely to be killed by their domestic abusers ?

As a former battered women’s counselor, I get really upset and annoyed at how this issue is handled in our Black community, so I will have to gather myself and say something about this later.

Why is Maureen Dowd always hating on Michelle Obama?

Ok, I’m sorry, but I have to digress from the Link List and rant for a moment.

Maureen Dowd has called the first lady “emasculating” and now, she wants to tell Michelle what is and what is not an appropriate vacation destination for Michelle and her offspring, and when is an appropriate time to take said vacation!

You know, I hate to go here, but having had recent–and ongoing experience–with Non-Black women trying to tell me how to act, I simply have to say, Look, who died and made White ladies the sole arbiters of acceptable and appropriate female behavior? Can’t a Sister live, for goodness sake?

But what’s the REAL issue here? I hate to say it, but since there’s really nothing wrong with Michelle’s behavior–like, ever; I can’t say the same for Barack, though–it’s clear that Maureen is just picking on Michelle. And why would that be? Y’all know the answer to that.

So here’s a quick letter to Maureen Dowd.

“Dear Maureen:

Sugar, I am so sorry you were not born a sassy, tall, brilliant, fine, chocolate-brown-skinned woman with great biceps—clearly, Michelle’s parents drained that good gene pool to get her so fabulous and they were thinking good thoughts when they made her, too—but you know, Maureen, you should not hate on Michelle for being cute and fabulous, because this is not Michelle’s fault. It is the fault of her cute and fabulous parents, because none of us make ourselves. So, instead of picking on Michelle, I suggest that you take up the issue of your own lack of sassiness with your parents.

With deep love and respect,


Another White House link: Desiree Rogers is contrite about her time in the White House.

I’m not sure I understand why she should be contrite. I didn’t really think she did that much wrong, except be a Certified Dime Piece and take a little attention away from the Obamas. But look, those fine Sisters attract a lot of attention. All y’all Dime Pieces out there know what I’m talking about. Maybe she’s just contrite because she found out that Michelle was supposed to be the head Dime Piece, Valerie Jarrett was supposed to be DP Number Two, and Desiree was supposed to be DP Number Three.

Desiree didn’t read this White House memo: “Re: Concerning Competing Dime Pieces Staying in Their Individual Lanes.”

It’s not Desiree’s fault. That sister is so beautiful, you gotta wonder if she went down to the crossroads and sold her soul to the Devil for eternal youth. She just turned FIFTY-ONE YEARS OLD on June 16, y’all. But she looks twenty-nine! And from what I heard, she has not had nary bit of plastic surgery. Dang, already.

And finally, below is a little music from back in the day to get y’all feeling ready for the weekend. I am headed back on the road, and I have to play great music to keep me going. This is a favorite. Y’all grown folks KNOW you love this jam!

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  1. Hey, I have always question Maureen Dowd methods. Thanks for getting some straightning on that. And it is always good to read/hear your voice telling it like it T-I-S……


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