Good Sister Watch: jdgreen

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Hey y’all, I just discovered a sassy new independent/alternative singer quite by accident: on Twitter.

Sometimes, Twitter can get on my nerves, I must be honest. Because I just don’t want to talk about what I’m doing—what I just cooked, who I just met, or what-all’s on TV (’cause I don’t really watch TV)—every five minutes.

I must admit, I DO like reading about people talking about everything they’re doing every five minutes. Unless it’s nasty. I do not want to read people’s profanity-laden, nasty musings. Just so you know, this is an FYI moment.

But this was a nice surprise, discovering jdgreen on Twitter, and listened to her music, and I thought, hey, let me share it. If you like what you hear, you can download jdgreen’s Diurnal: Movements on ITunes, or you can go to her website to order.

Click here for jdgreen’s website.

Below is a little sample from the album– my favorite “Funky Soul (Interlude).”  Enjoy—and happy weekend, y’all!

06 Funky Soul (Interlude)

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