Happy Anniversary (Yesterday) To Me!

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I’ve been working so hard and writing furiously–won’t talk about that yet, because I don’t want to spoil the mojo, but hopefully I will, soon–that I forgot that yesterday, October 10, was the one-year anniversary of my blog! That’s right: Phillis Remastered started a year ago yesterday.

Initially, I wanted to start the blog only as a writing blog, but then I said to myself, “Self, make this blog about all the things that make you Honorée.” So, that’s how the masthead became about all those issues: gender, writing, politics and race. If you’d like to read the original blog post that started it all, click this link.

When I started this blog, it was the little blog that could. And it’s still not all big and national and featured on The Root or Huffington Post. But as of today, I’ve had over 24,000 hits! And that’s pretty exciting to me. After all, I’m a poet, and the average poet gets about 1500 books in an average print run and sometimes it can take years to sell that one print run.

But really, I started this blog not for hits, but to connect with you: all the folks out there. I didn’t want to just talk to other people who wrote poetry and who existed in academia. I wanted to talk to folks who wanted to talk about the things that affected the world outside of poetry. And I have. And it’s been exhilarating. And it’s helped me through some tough times this year, and also, provided me with serious encouragement on my writing and about changing my teeny, tiny corner of the world.

Sidebar: In all this time, I keep forgetting to say something. The title of this blog comes from a line in a poem I wrote: “We’re living Phillis’s life, remastered.” But I don’t think I’ve ever given credit to a young poet named Remica L. Bingham for helping me with the line in that poem.

Initially, I wanted to use the word “remixed.” but Remica said, no, that was cheesy and sort of strange. So why didn’t I use “remastered” because that sounded so many notes, included the notion of slavery. So while I think that was a brilliant change, I can’t take credit for it. The change belongs to Remica. And I wanted to take this time on my anniversary to say thank you to her.

So hey Remica! And thank you, girl!

And thank the rest of you so much for the reader love, for supporting my blog,  and for making my blog venture so wonderful. I appreciate y’all more than you know. And here’s to another great year!

Here’s some music to celebrate–this is sort of my “old school” anthem.:-)

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  1. Happy blogoversary! And yes, thank you Remica for encouraging the name change. Remastered suggests improved while remixed suggests distorted and unoriginal. Your blog is so not the latter.

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