Happy Birthday Langston Hughes, Bluesman Extraordinaire!

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I decided to give you some fabulous Langston Hughes videos (below) to help you celebrate his birthday, celebrate the first day of Black History Month, and hopefully, get you through this horrible snowstorm that is sweeping the country.

Sidebar: You know, I don’t want to be all essentialist and what not, but how come Black folks’ BLACK ancestors are all from warm climates, and we get not only the shortest but COLDEST month of the year? I know it’s been said before, but I’m a little swole right now, so I’m going to say it again. I had to change my travel plans for AWP and leave on Thursday afternoon instead of tomorrow. I am so mad!

And who knows? I might not even get there to the conference. But guess what, I’d rather be alive in my house, then what-shall-not-be-named on the road to D.C. to a conference So, whatever happens, I’m gone get my party on, even if it’s all by myself, and write some poetry if I’m stuck in the house and can’t leave! And I am making tofu jerky as I write this. I’m about to get my sassy vegan recipe on tonight and tomorrow.

These first two videos are not in the voice of Langston Hughes, but they were such sassy interpretations, I couldn’t resist. I saved the best for last.

Enjoy y’all!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Langston Hughes, Bluesman Extraordinaire!

  1. I have mentioned before, I have always been indebted to Langston Hughes. It was my youngest son’s introduction to his writings and poetry, that gave my son the appreciation for poetry, Mr. Hughes, etc. It was during the years, when music (jazz) was his life, but reading, specially poetry was really not that exciting to him – that was until the day he came home after his teacher had introduced him to Langston Hughes. So Happy first day of Black History Month to you Honoree (actually 2nd day) and to Mr. Hughes. Sorry about you missing the conference.

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