Black Library Girl Swag Sale!

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Hey Y’all, there’s a 50% sale off today for  on the Black Library Girl Coffee Cups on–but it only lasts for three more hours!

I just found out about the sale, and then I thought, I’ve been asked about the Swag so many times, so every once in a while I will  share the info  on these sales that Zazzle lets me know about–but not too much, because one, I don’t want to get on your nerves, and two, I am not a Full-time Swag Vendor.

(Although you KNOW a good t-shirt sale is coming soon, and I gotta let  you know about that.)

The sale code is FFHSMUGS4YOU and the sale ends at 4pm EST. This sale also applies to all the other coffee cups on Zazzle as well.

Here is the link to the sale.

These coffee cups are fabulous for the  Sassy Brilliant And Cute Women in your life. And by the way, I’m designing more  BLG swag for my Sisters, and for friends of the Black Library Girl who don’t happen to be Black or female, too.  New Swag will be ready in time for my new website launch later in the summer.

So stay tuned, and drink up that coffee.:-)

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