Happy 80th Birthday, Professor Toni Morrison

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Thank you to my good, good friend Crystal Wilkinson for reminding me (on Facebook) that today is Toni  Morrison’s 80th birthday.

That’s La Morrison on the right, when she had a different name and when she was young–but I can’t say “when” she was beautiful, because she’s still a very pretty lady. Clearly, Certified Dime Piece Black Library Girls just get better with age.  I hope all the men (and women, because this is, after all, the 20th Century) out there are taking note of how fabulously Sisters hold up over the years.

I know. We are so super-bad, aren’t we? We just can’t help it, and even if we could, why would we want to?

Below (scroll down) is one of my favorite interviews of Professor Morrison with Charlie Rose (who clearly worships her, as well he should.) This interview took place a few months before she won the Nobel.

And click this link for the announcement in the New York Times about her winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Lest we forget, Professor Morrison remains the only African American female to win the Nobel of any kind (for Literature, for Peace, for Science, etc.). There have been haters over the years, but they need to quit. She is not only a genius, but she is unafraid to speak her mind. And she knows her responsibility to the world. I admire her greatly.

And finally, if you have always wanted to give this lady a birthday present but didn’t want to be a stalker, click here to donate to the “Bench by the Road” project that she started through the literary society founded by admirers and named for her.  (Read about the “Bench by the Road” Project here.)

If you are an academic, you can join The Toni Morrison Society as well for only $30 a year (which is seriously inexpensive); it’s a small society,  the conference is every two years, and Professor Morrison attends each conference.

Here’s the video, y’all. Enjoy.


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