Happy Birthday, Audre Lorde

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And thank you–AGAIN– to friend and poet Sharan Strange for reminding me about Audre Lorde’s birthday, too!

Yes, my mind has been bad all this week, y’all.  If it wasn’t for Facebook today, I would be forgetting important Sisters left and right and that would be unforgivable of me.

Ok, so now that I have remembered, I need you to listen to something.


Are you listening?

I don’t know know any other way to say it: the poetry and prose of Audre Lorde have literally saved my life and my mind since I was twenty-one years old. Her essays “Poetry is Not a Luxury” and “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” break it down.

Let me say that again: Saved. My. Life.

What I just wrote is no exaggeration. I want that to marinate with y’all all day long. So send a prayer for Sister Audre’s beautiful spirit as she fellowships with the Ancestors up in Heaven. She remains a truly great woman on this side of Heaven, even after her transition years ago. I love her so much, and I never even met her.

I don’t want to violate copyright laws, so here is a link to one of my absolutely favorite poems by Audre Lorde, “From the House of Yemanya” on the Poetry Foundation website. They paid for the poem, and so I want to give them their due.

And if you are a Black woman, and need your life saving today, or any other day, and you need your Black woman’s life–your very existence–affirmed as I did, order this book off Amazon.

Sisters, if you have not read this book, I need to say that it will fill your needs as strongly as scripture. Y’all know how much I love the sacred, so I promise you. This woman was sent to us for a reason.

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