You Gotta Read This: A Podcast w/ Booker T. Mattison on May 31@8pm EST

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Booker T. Mattison

I told y’all I was going to try to keep things exciting with my podcasts—even if I didn’t keep the podcasts regular–and y’all know I don’t lie. I’m talking with novelist and filmmaker Booker T. Mattison this evening on; he’s got a new novel out called Snitch and it’s so fabulous.

I haven’t met Booker in person, but I did meet him over the internet when I sent out a totally random plea for someone to find me a copy of his wonderful short film, The Gilded Six Bits.  As anyone who has talked to me more than five minutes knows, Zora Neale Hurston (the author of  the short story “The Gilded Six Bits”) is my most favorite author in the whole wide world.

Well, I was unabashedly begging on the blog for someone to hook me up with Booker’s short film and guess what? Booker himself responded in the comments section of the blog post and sent me his film! (I almost fainted.) Oh, I can’t tell you how happy I was when I received that film in the mail. I watched it over and over.  It is such a wonderful film. I am not playing.

And then I found out that Booker T. was a novelist as well, and I thought, I have to conduct a podcast with this brother. So I decided to beg him again to do the podcast and he generously found the time for me!

So join me TODAY at 8pm Eastern time for a podcast with novelist and filmmaker Booker T. Mattison. You know it’s going to be sassy.

Here’s the link for the podcast on—click it at 8pm to listen live. As always, my podcasts with be archived both on  this blog and on, the host podcast website.

Or you can download all the podcasts, both present and past, on ITunes for free. Just click this link right now or go to the upper right of this page and click on “Podcast” and there’s an Itunes link on that page as well. It’s super easy!

Booker’s bio is below.


Booker T. Mattison is an author and filmmaker who wrote the screenplay for and directed the film adaptation of Zora Neale Hurston’s classic story “The Gilded Six Bits,” which aired on Showtime. It starred Chad Coleman (“The Wire”), T’keyah Keymah (“That’s So Raven,” “Cosby,” “In Living Color”), Wendell Pierce (“Treme”,”The Wire,” “Ray”) and Novella Nelson (“The Antwon Fisher Story”). The Hollywood Reporter said of the film that, “Mattison’s direction and feel for her characters match up to Hurston’s sterling piece of fiction. The short is full of atmosphere and strongly developed characters.”

Mattison’s novel Snitch was published May 1, 2011. Publishers Weekly said that, “Author and filmmaker Mattison’s sophomore outing reads like its ready for screen adaptation… Mattison has a superb ear and his skills keep on growing.” His debut novel Unsigned Hype was published in June 2009 and is in its third printing. Producer Stephanie Allain Bray (“Hustle and Flow,” “Black Snake Moan” and the forthcoming “We the Peeples”) is attached to produce the film adaptation of both books.

Mattison received his Master of Fine Arts in film from New York University and his Bachelor of Science in mass communication from Norfolk State University.

Mattison has taught Literary Criticism at the College of New Rochelle in New York, film production at Brooklyn College and Advanced Directing, Screenwriting and Directing Actors at Regent University in Virginia.



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  1. What a terrific picture of him. I’ll have to check out the reviews on his book. The title alone is tempting to snatch up on my iPad. Glad you were able to connect with someone you had such admiration for.

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