I’m On The Radio (Tomorrow): A Women’s Panel Discusses The Help

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Tomorrow, August 16th at 7:30am EASTERN, I’ll be on an all-women’s panel hosted by the fabulous radio host Esther Armah on WBAI 99.5FM. The focus will be The Help.

The panel consists of Martha Southgate, whose latest novel (her fourth) is The Taste of Salt. Southgate wrote about The Help in Entertainment Weekly as well as appeared on CNN regarding the film’s inaccurate portrayal of Civil Rights history; Karen Hunter, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and New York times best-selling author who argues that the film offers a possibility to measure black women’s progress from mammy to first lady; and Honorée Fanonne Jeffers—me!:-) And if you want to know who I am, click this link or the “About” button above. Also, you can read my review on The Help, too.

So join us tomorrow, August 16th at 7:30am EASTERN.  I know it’s early in the morning, but get on up on hear us–you know you want to!

Here’s the “streaming live” link! And if you miss the show live, I’ll post a link in a day or two where you can listen to the recording.


2 thoughts on “I’m On The Radio (Tomorrow): A Women’s Panel Discusses The Help

  1. Honoree, I do love you, but not enought to get up at 4:30 a.m. unless it was an emergency and you needed my help. I know you will be great. Barbara

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