My Drama, Myself

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Today is the day after Father’s Day, and this is the first year that I thought I would get past it without having an emotional meltdown. I’m married to a nice guy, and I gave up meat, a diet change that opened my spirituality in ways I never thought possible, and I decided that this […]

Goodbye For Now…

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Dear Readers: Those people who have followed this blog know that any time I write about anything, I do it with passion.  But passion takes a lot of energy. This year has been emotionally taxing, with the death of one of my good friends and that death occurring only a year and a half after […]

New Guest Blogger: B. C. Flippin

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Before I introduce my new guest blogger, I’d like to give a roundabout introduction to her, if I may. So please be patient. I was talking to my good friend Crystal Wilkinson this morning about one of our favorite writers, Toni Morrison, and her novel, Sula. I used to think Sula was an annoying, incomprehensible […]