I’m Traveling, Baby—Go ‘Head, Baby—So Click on This

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Hey y’all, here I am, finally. Try to stay strong with your favorite black, country professor/poet/fiction writer/sister/troublemaker/blogger. Alright, I know there’s only one of me, but I would be your favorite if there were more than one, right? I’m still traveling, and I’m in somebody else’s house and trying not to Bogart the one internet […]

My Post-Race Memo

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When I was back in college, I knew this brother who loved to smoke weed and get drunk, all the time. I mean, this brother stayed high, and of course, he chased girls, too. Years later, I bumped into him in the grocery store. We started exchanging stories about our lives and he told me […]

Mike Tyson, Stop Crying Already

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Before you read any further, I should remind you that I am a womanist/black feminist. And for all you people who think that a “womanist” is something else than a “black feminist,” please read your copy of Alice Walker’s In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens. As a womanist/feminist, and thus, someone who believes in the […]