I’m Tired of the “Isms,” So Click On This

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People, it’s been a deep couple of weeks, during which time all kinds of crazy “-isms” reared their proverbial ugly, need-some-blue-hair-grease heads, especially racism and sexism. Let’s start with the attack on black women, which is not backed by the law, at least not obviously. Rather, these current attacks on black women are subtle—nuanced, as […]

My Taken Back Night

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I didn’t find out until a few days ago that in addition to April being National Poetry Month, it is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This is an issue that has been close to my heart for a long time: I am a survivor of sexual assault. I never intended to discuss this on my […]

Poetic Segregation

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If any of you follow me on Twitter or have friended me on Facebook, you might have seen some of my posts griping about Poetry Daily’s National Poetry Month Picks. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me catch you up. Every April (National Poetry Month), the website Poetry Daily asks thirty […]