A BLG Thing: New Black Poetry

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When I was writing my latest blog post about Essence magazine, I mentioned that every month the poetry was hidden in the very back of the magazine, and how insulting I thought this was. But I didn’t say that, before the poetry in Essence was regulated to the “colored section,” there used to be a […]

The Shady Lady Crew

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It’s been years ago, but still, I remember where I was sitting at the table when I mentioned that I was a fiction writer as well as a poet, and all those women laughed at me. It was a multiracial crew, but even the colored women laughed at me. I remember it all, and the memory still hurts.

Vermont, Are You Ready?

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On Saturday, I’m leaving on my long trip to the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. They were sweet enough to give me the Kay Evans Fellowship in Poetry, and I am so grateful, because I need to focus on my writing full-time, for at least a month; I’ll be there from the middle of […]