I’m Back and I Hoped You Missed Me

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Dear Y’all:

First, my apologies for being gone so long. You know I have a good excuse; at least, I think it is.

This is the second summer in a row that I’ve taught summer school; that was for the entire month of June.  I teach summer school because I am not independently wealthy. (Sometimes I get really mad at my parents about that.) And  this year, teaching summer school was a vacation in Hades, let me tell you.

Don’t get me wrong; the students were fine.

The Hades part was the heat. Y’all it was horrible.  It was the worst heat ever in my life.  I thought I was literally going to die. Out here on the prairie, we had over-100 constant degree weather for over three weeks—that means for over 21 days straight.  And Monday through Friday, at 1:00pm, I had to leave my house and enter that heat to go teach summer school.

So forgive me, but at 3:10pm (when my class was over), I just collapsed. And then on the weekends, I napped to recover. I had heat exhaustion one week, it was so bad. My throat was sore and I had muscles aches. Not fun.

But summer school is over now! So throw some confetti for me! And the heat has broken, sort of. We are enjoying a 96-degree afternoon right now.

I am now in my favorite part of the year, the Writer’s Retreat. This year, I decided not to put my little ten-year-old hoopty on the road and travel someplace; instead, I embarked on an Official Stay-Cation Writer’s Retreat, right in my little house.

I get up each morning, go to my home office, write on whatever project I’ve dreamed about the night before—yes, I know; I am weird like that—and then, I eat my oatmeal. And then, I take a long nap because writing really tires me out. And then, after my nap, I get up, eat lunch, and write on something else.  And after that, I lie down and read, because I can’t justify napping twice in one day, but I can pretend that I am Reclining In Black Southern Belle Languor.  In the evenings, I exercise to counteract all that lying down. And then, I have dinner.

Hopefully, I’ll get lots of work done for the next five weeks. In any case, I feel good about myself, which is half the battle for a writer, I think.

But here I am, back to blogging! And I hope you missed me.  Because I missed y’all, sincerely.



4 thoughts on “I’m Back and I Hoped You Missed Me

  1. I do stay with your post and a young man who is traveling around Africa and has been doing so for several years, he wrote about the No. 1 LDA, about the left over set, and since then I have been following him, although many times I would like to say “get on a plane and get out of there’. He is in many countries that are unstable and at times his posts are a bit frightening. xo B

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